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Learn How To Trade Stocks and Options The Right Way

Our Live Chat Room is active every single day, we provide guidance on new traders and experienced.
If you are looking for
educational and learning experiences or want to have more conversation...
Pineapple Stocks Live Group is for you. 


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What Education Do We Offer?
Live Chat Room 
Earning Ideas
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Why Should I Join?
Learn To Manage Risk
Learn To Trade Better
Learn How To Enter and Exit

  • What's Your Strategy You Teach

    • "Premium Burner on IV Spike" This is my strategy where I am searching for early morning spikes within the first hour on stocks that have huge implied volatility spikes where I am looking to sell premium through verticals or naked options.

  • How Much Money Do You Make Daily?

    • As I've told all of my members I am aiming for $500-$1000/day on average. We are not looking for home runs here but a consistent bleed of premium where we are collecting away​. I am okay with making around $500 x 272 trading days in the year, do the math that's $136,000 to $272,000 dollars sitting on my computer a few hours a day. 

  • Do you hold positions overnight?

    • I tend not to hold many positions overnight and over the weekend - I like to sleep in peace. ​

  • Can I start with a small account? 

    • Yes you can start with a small account ($5K+ is recommended). I am trading in 2 different accounts each with $31,500 starting balance weekly. I reset my balance and withdraw profits. ​

  • What broker do you use?

    • ThinkorSwim and Schwab. It honestly doesn't matter. ​

  • How Long Have You Been Trading Options?

    • More than 10 years now​

  • Do you use charts and patterns?

    • I use certain levels such as Prior Day Close, Prior Day High and Low and a few others. 

  • I've lost a lot of money and I need help making it back!

    • I hear this consistently and the fact is only you can make it back is through patient and time. I can teach you how I am making money in the stock market day in and day out. I am making it slowly. I do not have massive winners, I am okay with taking profit on trades with $50-$100 dollars. The reason is because I can do this many times throughout the week and it adds up to several thousand dollars. In the middle of this I might have a few big winners but it is rare. I am trying to build consistency and not blow up my account or those who are learning with me. Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Learn to make $300 a day and then in a few years you can build that up to $3000 a day. 

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