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$SRNE Unusual Options Activity - Trade Review with Sweep Call Options from SweepCast

$SRNE Unusual Options Activity - Trade Review with Sweep Call Options from SweepCast, this video covers activity on Jan 14th that had several sizable sweep calls coming through @SweepCast The same strike price and same expiration date kept hitting throughout the day, following this on the 15th the stock rocketed up 20% from it's start. This is why I tell everyone you need to learn about Unusual Options if you are an options trader and read the option order flow with a platform like SweepCast Unusual Options 😎

Remember you want to look for

  • Multiple sweeps

  • Same strike price

  • Same expiration

  • + while the price of the options is increasing... even more bullish (if it's a call) or bearish (if it's a put)

This will let you know that this call or put buyer is the same person. Now if they keep wanting to pay a higher and higher price as time goes on, you can think about it if you were in their shoes. Why would you pay a higher price for options unless you were extremely confident of an outcome... this is how you use unusual options folks! Hopefully this helps, I will create more videos. Now try out www.sweepcast.com for unusual options activity today!

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