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How To Enter Stocks Before They Make A Major Move

This guide will teach you how to enter stocks before they make a move, when a stock has already made a move up or down you're too late to the party. This usually happens when you end up seeing a stock trend on StockTwits or CNBC with news. You may ask yourself how did some people know ahead of time? Well there is something that I talk about often called "Unusual Activity" also known as UOA, Unusual Options Activity.

Step 1: Watch this video that I've created which teaches you how to use SweepCast to find Unusual Options Activity

Step 2: Learn what it means when options are traded at the bid or at the asking price, because this is key when looking/understanding moves before they happen.

Step 3: You must have basic understanding of sizing of positions, time decay and patience which is needed for some of these moves to take place. Certain moves happen within hours of Unusual Options coming in but others may take several days.

Thanks again, this was for $LABU which is a Biotech 3x ETF (meaning it moves three times the normal amount).



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