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  • You get full access to our Live Chat Room​ for educational purposes only

    • Earning Plays (Options and Equity)

    • Day & Swing Trades (Options and Equity)

    • Selling Premium for Credit (Weekly Paycheck)
      Entry, Stop Loss and Profit Target are provided for education 

  • Sunday Newsletter with Weekly Plays

  • Learn How To Trade Better, Manage Risks, Ask for Advice 

  • Make New Friends and Have a Blast Trading!

  • Now Offering SMS Alerts as an Addon

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  • What's Your Strategy You Teach

    • "Premium Burner on IV Spike" This is my strategy where I am searching for early morning spikes within the first hour on stocks that have huge implied volatility spikes where I am looking to sell premium through verticals or naked options What is the​

  • How Much Money Do You Make Daily?

    • As I've told all of my members I am aiming for $500-$1000/day on average. We are not looking for home runs here but a consistent bleed of premium where we are collecting away​. I am okay with making around $500 x 272 trading days in the year, do the math that's $136,000 to $272,000 dollars sitting on my computer a few hours a day. 

  • Do you hold positions overnight?

    • I tend not to hold many positions overnight and over the weekend - I like to sleep in peace. ​

  • Can I start with a small account? 

    • Yes you can start with a small account ($5K+ is recommended). I am trading in 2 different accounts each with $31,500 starting balance weekly. I reset my balance and withdraw profits. ​

  • What broker do you use?

    • ThinkorSwim and Schwab. It honestly doesn't matter. ​

  • How Long Have You Been Trading Options?

    • More than 10 years now​

  • Do you use charts and patterns?

    • I use certain levels such as Prior Day Close, Prior Day High and Low and a few others. 

  • I've lost a lot of money and I need help making it back!

    • I hear this consistently and the fact is only you can make it back. I can teach you how I am making money in the stock market day in and day out. I am making it slowly. I do not have massive winners, I am okay with taking profit on trades with $50-$100 dollars. The reason is because I can do this many times throughout the week and it adds up to several thousand dollars. In the middle of this I might have a few big winners but it is rare. I am trying to build consistency and not blow up my account or those who are learning with me. Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Learn to make $300 a day and then in a few years you can build that up to $3000 a day. 

  • What's Different From You and "Raging Bull" or "BlackBox Stocks" or "Warrior Trading" or "Jason Bond" etc.. the list goes on

    • I have never used their services so I do not know, I am a simple person who is trading every single day. If you send me a DM I will respond as best as I can. I can provide more direct attention to my members than most will ever be able to. Pineapple Stocks is not income for me but a hobby at the end of the day. I am not marketing this on Facebook and Youtube Ads (I actually spent $20 dollars and turned it off) .. it's just not me, Pineapple Stocks is organic to its nature. I built this website myself, I setup the APIs myself, I create and post Youtube videos myself, I create the graphics in Canva myself. Everything I do is mine and its my passion. ​If you want to support me, please join. 😍

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