• Kumar

$GME Gamestop Unusual Options Activity, Predicted Move Before It Happened?

Gamestop Stock, How Unusual Options Helped Predict the Move Up! $GME

You can see that there was tremendous amount of call and put selling on the SweepCast platform as the stock continue to break out past $40.

Even earlier on January 11th when the stock was trading around $18 there was a full day of Call Sweeps coming through the SweepCast platform with no bearish trades then two days later the stock finally broke our past $20 and started to make it to move up. This type of information is critical when looking for breakout trades that could be once a year type of opportunity. If you look at historically the option flow for GameStop was extremely small though on January 11 this increased substantially indicating that large institutional investors were very interested in getting into the Stock. If your interested check out SweepCast Unusual Options Activity. which is where the data was taken from. Happy Trading folks!

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