• Kumar

Del Taco - 3 Tacos for $2.49 Not Enough To Pump The Stock, YTD Progress Recap + Video

$TACO (Del Taco), Don't buy the pumps on earnings day as you saw today on $TACO #options #stockmarket #earnings #daytrading

We had a solid day with $BA, $FSLY, and $SNBR ... let's continue this run! We ended up with a vertical put credit on $ISRG for an earnings play. Don't know what a vertical put credit is? It's a bullish limited risk trade that allows us to bet a stock will stay ABOVE a certain price point.

See $TACO (Del Taco) Chart after hours... it literally gave away all of its gains from the pump and returned back home. I believe it should bounce back and come back to $10 dollars tomorrow to burn both put and call side premiums. I would be a seller of the $10P if the stock starts to climb.

See my quick video recap discussing things to look forward to for next week!

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Here is my YTD performance, which includes today's performance as well! All of my picks are alerted in the live trading group, sign up with a free trial today! My goal is to earn an average of $500/day, which comes out to around $120K a year. We have about 3 months left, so I am short of this mark but happy that the chart below looks to be trending in the right direction.