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Tesla Q2 Deliveries Will Blow You Away!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Tesla has been under massive scrutiny due to 2019 Q1 weak deliveries and profit loss. The stock took a massive dive down to $180 dollars with analysts coming out of the wood sheds stating the stock can go down even further. We clearly noted in an article and created a video to alert an unbelievable price to purchase TESLA stock. This was a clear buy signal. (see link for video and subscribe to our new YouTube channel: )


We expect deliveries to be 101,000 above analyst expectations of 90,000 as we did some recon analysis yesterday at the Tempe, AZ and Scottsdale, AZ locations both centers were amazingly busy.

The number of vehicles available on their delivery lots suggested a strong quarter for Tesla. If demand was truly falling as bearish analysts are stating the show room would not be so busy that we could not make an appointment for a test drive. Go to your local Honda dealership and ask for a test drive on an Accord, you will be gladly be given one within minutes. We never even got a call back to schedule for another day, in my opinion this is good news for anyone who was worried about a demand issue .

While visiting the Scottsdale showroom, we wanted to sit inside all 3 vehicles (Model 3, S, and X) though once again there was a line in front of us and we barely could get a seat inside. Once we did, we got about 3 to 4 minutes before it seemed as we were taking too long since there were others right behind us who also wanted to look. None of the Tesla employees were standing around waiting, they were all with customers talking about pricing options, colors etc..

Demand issues should be clearly visible, there was a Microsoft Store was across from Tesla's Showroom -- and all of the Microsoft Employees were standing around... that would have me frightened if that was the case with Tesla.

Elon Musk once again will prove the Bears wrong with strong deliveries as this quarters stock price is 100% dependent on deliveries at this point.

Earnings are coming up end of July, we believe the stock will rise back up above $260 short term with a long-term target of $800 by end of 2020.

(chart from cleantechnica)

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