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$ZM Zoom Video Conferencing, going towards $100B or $50B? Earnings

This company has reported 5 Earnings and went up 3 out of the 5 Earning Reports.

In 2020, it has gone up after each of the two reports it has had, with an average of 7% move (7% and 7.6%), if this is the case for the upcoming earnings we can expect the stock to move from $300 to $320-$325 dollars, though it is near an all-time high.


Zoom Video Communications Inc. enjoyed one of the biggest blowout earnings reports in history in early June, as the COVID-19 pandemic made the company’s name synonymous with videoconferencing and attracted millions of new users to its service.

Zoom’s ZM, +1.55% profit roared more than ten times higher, revenue exploded with 169% growth, and the company doubled its expectations for full-year sales. An analyst on Zoom’s conference call called the quarter perhaps the greatest in enterprise-software history, and Zoom shares — which many believed had run too far heading into that report — have gained more than 80% in the three months since.


What are my thoughts and how to play these earnings? Watch the Youtube Video below and subscribe, please!

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