• Kumar

Earnings Calendar for Week of August 11th 2019

We will be looking at trading these tickers this week, sticking to our plan of playing these with smaller positions before earnings and once a direction has been decided after earnings release and IV has been crushed the next morning we will would like a creating a trade idea with a normal position size.

With $OSTK, we were wrong in our before earnings position (small lotto) but after earnings release and waiting till Friday morning at market opening we alerted a trade idea of $24C at .15 cents, this spike all the way above $1.15+ ... more than 800% GAIN on FRIDAY!

Please see earnings calendar below, if your not a member yet please remember to Join Us Today. Our room is starting to fill up and prices may increase soon!

$OSTK $24C Trade Idea Alert, 9 minutes after market open!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and we will see you tomorrow morning!

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