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We took on the biggest win of the year so far in the Pineapple Live Trading Group. Beyond Meat went way beyond our expectations today! We knew it was going to be a big mover on the long side for earnings though this kicked into overdrive past our initial expectation of $120 dollars.

We announced to everyone to purchase BYND 6/7 $110C on within our Pineapple Trading Group for our members!! Several of our members made ten's of thousands of dollars on this single trade alone! Huge hit!

We are hoping to have another great week ahead of us. There are plenty of more plays like this that will be coming up in the market. Market is seeing big movers everywhere, you just need to catch the right one and play it! All plays are announced in our live trading group.

If your looking to join a solid fun group, come check us out, SIGN UP ABOVE! Worth the change!