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Why Buy $TSLA, when fear is high?

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Good News is about to come out regarding Tesla selling Model 3 in China. The market is vastly larger in China for EV than anywhere in the world. This will continue to drive tredmous demand for Tesla and keep the company afloat as they continue to release Model Y and Semi. This will also allow Tesla to continue focusing on power wall and other products.

I strongly believe the company will get funding and will be perfectly fine, money is easy to come around on wall street... Larry Ellison (Oracle founder) ingested 1 billion dollars himself in the business.

The demand is not drying up internationally, it is just getting started. The US demand has slowed down though that should be natural as it’s the same for iPhones or other new products.

I recommend purchasing long dated calls, and scaling into it. $188 support has held for the last several days and selling pressure has subsided. It could test $180, but I’m a buyer again. Go Elon!


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