• Kumar

How To Get Rich Trading Stocks (or at least attempt to survive)

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

1. Don’t play too many earnings, if u do play it small unless your confident. (Many times earnings will burn your premium and never pay out even if you have the correct direction.) 2. Don’t over trade. This means don't jump in and out of stocks too many times.

3. Have max loss set per day whether that's $250 dollars or $1000, if you hit it just quit! Don’t get upset. You can trade over 250 times in a year, the stock market will be open tomorrow. (I've been on tilt at the casinos, this is no different :P)

4. Do your own research as well when your trading, don't take someone else's advice for granted. (been burned by following others, especially on StockTwits at the beginning)

5. Play the same stocks over and over. That way you can feel how it acts and become more confident with the flows. (I play $TSLA and $PLNT all of the time)

6. Most stocks on Fridays will burn your options, become an option seller instead of a buyer on Friday for same day expiration. (I've been selling premium on Friday's for a long time! Always a nice Friday paycheck)

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