• Kumar

Who Paid More Money? SHOCKED! 😲 Carvana vs CarMax vs Local Dealership

Guess what folks? I ended up selling my 2018 Honda Accord Sport 1.5T with 25,000 miles. I went through a process of trying to get the HIGHEST dollar for my used car by using Carvana, Carmax and Kelly Blue Book (local dealership). In the video below I will show you my experience and REVEAL how much I got paid for it! I got the check in hand and deposited it at the bank!

Here are differences in Carvana and Carmax if you didn't already know.

Another difference between CarMax and Carvana lies in the sales process. CarMax requires you to take your car to a physical location for inspection. Once they inspect your car and make sure it meets their criteria, they will buy it from you. In the meantime, if you want to sell your car on Carvana, you will receive an offer immediately. Then they send someone to inspect your car. If the vehicle meets the requirements, it will be checked immediately.

With Kelly Blue Book requires you to take your car to a physical location for inspection, even though they will give you an "Instant Offer" which isn't really instant, you have to go to an authorized dealership who will provide you an offer, which won't necessarily match the "instant offer" and you'll have to haggle a bit to get more money from the dealership.

If you are looking for convenience and ease of use in your shopping and business, Carvana is a better option. CarMax, on the other hand, is perfect for those who want to test drive their car in advance or who don't mind going to the nearest CarMax location.

But after all, both platforms have no hassle or pressure, making it easier, faster, and less stressful to buy and sell cars than car or private dealers.

Will CarMax Buy Used Cars with Over 100,000 Miles?

- Yes, CarMax will buy your car when it reaches 100,000 miles. However, CarMax does not sell it to customers. Instead, they sell it at a used car auction at a significant discount.However, if you try to sell a car that exceeds 100,000 miles to CarMax, you will not get the best deal.

Is CarMax better than a dealer?

- In my opinion no they are not better than a dealership, but they do offer a variety of cars if you want to test out many brands at the same time.

Does Carvana offer a good price for a trade-in?

- Based on my experience Carvana does not offer the "best price" for a trade-in when comparing it against a local dealership and even CarMax!

Thanks for reading everyone!