• Kumar

Week to Date Performance Monday and Tuesday 09/09-9/10

  • Here is our Performance Week to Date +$4,760 Profit (net $2,735) 📈

  • 1 Week Ago was slower we only ended up +$1,581 Profit 📈

  • 2 Weeks Ago we closed that week up +$22,000 Profit 📈

All of these trades are posted in real-time in our live trading group. 👍

Today we ended up with $GME and $ZS puts in our live trading group which should pay out nicely, $RH will eat a bit due to the pop and drop.

If your still looking to join our live trading group tonight, do not hesitate we've been on a roll! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if your not happy within 3 full trading sessions.

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