• Kumar

🤑 ULTA Down −73.45 (21.77%) in AH. Epic Win! 🤑... update down $100 now

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We wrote ULTA Beauty last night regarding the likely potential for this to get "Ugly in After Hours". Well guess what... It got worse then we even expected! Our trade alert went out today morning in our Live Trading Group. 9/6/2019 $300P on ULTA for $2.10, at the current state this option will be worth at least $34 dollars! That's from $2.10 -> $34... 1600% gain.

The Amazon effect has played a huge role into this stock. Will they be able to recover? Our plan tomorrow is to lock in profits and watch for a rebound potential with cheap calls. Good luck everyone and good night! Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Here is the screenshot from our alert.

Here are some screenshots from our members!

Here here are some big winners!

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