• Kumar

TSLA Battery Day ($TSLA) Rumors + Stock Reaction

Tesla's 'Battery Day' is set to take place on September 22, we don't know exactly what is to come but here are the substantial rumors.

Kumar's Rumor: 1,000 Mile Range Per Charge Should Be Annouced. (or something more than 600 miles... I hope)

We have yet to hear this from the almighty Elon Musk but I believe this event he will annouce the word "1,000" meaning the next verison of TSLAs coming out will allow the car to travel 1,000 miles per charge and provide 1,000,000 miles of life. If this does happen (this is my best guess), I believe the standards for EV car manufactors will be raised to an impressive level which no other car manufactors can even start to compete with. This event needs a MAJOR annoucement as the one above for the stock to move up on the day of the event, if we have a dud event with SUPER technilical details that an ameatur cannot understand I believe the stock sells off. We need Elon to say 1,000 mile range for the stock to explode here!

Everyone else ... has rumors such as these.. Rumor #1: Silicon Nanowires

Rumor #2: Structural Changes

Rumor #3: The Million-Mile Battery

Rumor #4: Flying Vehicles? Honestly I don't care much about any of these but RANGE aneixty is the biggest thing people need to get over and a battery that can do 1,000 miles will take away any doubts EV is a much better option even on LONG road trips where super chargers are not readily avaliable. I am neither bullish or bearish on the stock price, but may take a position before Battery Day. Join our live trading group today to follow our trades!