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Top FlowAlgo Alternatives, Best Unusual Options Activity Scanners

Top Unusual Options Activity Scanners

FlowAlgo Alternatives

Investing in the stock market is an excellent option for individuals wanting to grow their wealth., deciding where to invest is the hardest part. You have probably heard the crazy success stories of people quickly earning thousands of dollars from buying stocks like GameStop and AMC. Instances like this are identified as unusual options activity because the sudden trading spike with these stocks was much more significant than the average. Unusual options activity often signals that there is new information regarding a particular stock and implies that there will be a drastic price change.

The average investor does not have time to constantly check the trade volume of every stock on the market. Still, some platforms have been designed to notify users of unusual options activity. FlowAlgo is a platform that tracks stock market activity, and this article will discuss the features of the platform and the top FlowAlgo alternatives.


FlowAlgo offers real-time option order flow and dark pool insights, which inform you when private exchanges occur. The platform also features voice alerts to notify you when something significant happens verbally and a trader chatroom to talk with other investors interested in unusual options.

FlowAlgo Pricing:

● Monthly - $37 for a two-week trial, then auto-billed $149/month

● Quarterly - $129/month, billed $387 every 3 months

● Annual - $99/month, billed $1188 every 12 months


Unlike other unusual options platforms, SweepCast is an unusual options scanner committed to providing valuable trading data at an affordable cost. SweepCast offers similar features like the different unusual options platforms and organizes data in a color-coded chart that is easy to read and understand. Similar to Cheddar Flow, SweepCast also allows users to create a custom watchlist so you can solely focus on the stocks that matter to you. The platform focuses intensely on the community and encourages users to exchange information via the live chat room. SweepCast is also working on adding a dark pool feature so their users can also have access to private transactions at a fraction of the cost compared to other platforms.

SweepCast Pricing:

● Trial - $14 for a 10-day trial, then $39.99/month (best pricing we've found)

● Annual - $249 per year

Cheddar Flow

Cheddar Flow is similar to FlowAlgo because it tracks unusual orders and transactions that take place in the dark pool. Cheddar Flow allows users to create custom watch lists and filtering options for a more tailored experience depending on investment strategy. The platform also offers desktop notifications, so you never miss an opportunity.

Cheddar Flow Pricing:

● Standard Plan - Free trial for 7 days, then $85/month

● Professional Plan - $99/month additional features than the standard plan

● Annual Plan - $891 paid upfront per year, equivalent to $75/month

Benzinga Pro

Benzinga is one of the most reputable sources for news regarding the market, and Benzinga Pro is a subscription offering various features for options traders. Although it is highly favored, Benzinga Pro is significantly more expensive than other unusual options platforms. The steep price point might be worth it for large investment firms, but it is not a practical option for individuals entering the market.

Benzinga Pro Pricing:

● Basic - $99/month

● Essential - $177/month

● Benzinga Options Membership - $347/month

Conclusion, who wins for Best Unusual Options Scanner?

Of all the FlowAlgo alternatives, we believe that SweepCast is the best unusual trade options platform for individuals eager to learn more about the market and take the next step to become well-seasoned traders. SweepCast is passionate about sharing unusual options information because they want everyone to have the opportunity to make investment decisions that improve their lives and grow their wealth. They help the little retail guy! As they state on their website, built for retail traders by retail traders!