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Sunday Newsletter 5/17 & Earnings Calender

List of stocks I am looking forward to playing this week. There are many earnings coming up but remember we want to limit earning exposure and play the names we know about. You want become a consistent trader and not a gambler so do not play large. We had a very strong close to last week and let's continue the momentum this week! If your not part of our group join us today, so you are ready to trade tomorrow morning.

Long Term Hold: $BUD purchase shares at $40 with stop loss at $36.50

Purchase Weekly Call: $TSLA $900C at open on Monday 1x

Strangle Play Week of May 17th (Weekly Expiry Unless Noted): Fill at the limit, do not execute market orders $TWLO - Sell $205C set limit at $4.00 - Sell $170P set limit at $3.00 $SHOP - Sell $900C set limit $5.00 - Sell $700P set limit $5.00


- Sell $700P set limit for $5.00

$W (5/29 expiry)

- Sell $200C set limit for 5.50

My Earnings Sentiment...How Do I Feel? $BABA Neutral to Bullish, Sell Naked Put (1 Standard Deviation from Thursday's close) $IQ Neutral to Bullish $NTES Bullish $HRL Bullish $PLCE Neutral to Bearish $PANW Bearish $BBY Bullish

$NVDA Neutral to Bearish $CRMT Neutral to Bearish $WMT Bullish $TGT Neutral to Bullish $TRVG Bearish

JOIN PINEAPPLE STOCKS TODAY If you are looking to join our live trading group when I am making these specific trades or alerting direction due to some unexpected news please join us today by clicking here We will teach you how to follow our trades and become a consistent trader every week!

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