• Kumar

Stocks to Trade December 2020

This is a list of Stocks to Trade for December 2020. I am providing a stock watchlist and more so a watchlist for sectors to be looking out for. I will cover stocks that will most likely have a lot of attention and movement for this coming month!

  1. Weed Sector, stocks such as ACB, TLRY, CGC and SNDL. I believe this sector will have another major run up before Biden takes office due to his decriminalize favoritism for weed it should bode well for this sector. These are stocks to trade for this coming month.

  2. EV Sector, This sector has already been hot all November but I believe it will leak into December and continue with major movements, though not all will be bullish. There's too much air in the bubble and some needs to be taken out.

  3. SPAC Sector, Another sector that has been extremely hot towards the end of November though I believe this one will continue with certain names such as Pershing capital and social capital doing the best in December. Personally I am holding both IPOC/IPOB/INAQ/PSTH stock.. which are stocks to trade. These are fairly stable holdings In my opinion but do your own research obviously.

Make sure you put up your Christmas Tree and Lights Folks! December is starting :)