• Kumar

$NTNX and $GPS (HUGE WINNERS on FRIDAY, Last Day of May)

We ended up closing out the month very strong, with a huge 200%+ winner on both NTNX and GPS! Both of these were called out in our live trading room (if you haven't signed up click above in the green button!) NTNX, we purchased $32P for $1.95 dollars each contract and ended up buying 15 contracts (which let's you hold 1500 shares short on the stock at $32 dollars). The stock DROP bigly down to $25.50s in premarket and opened within that range. We decided to close out the puts at this point with a massive 210% gain, with selling out puts average price of $6.25.

That is right we bought puts on Thursday night at $1.95 and sold them for $6.25! See profits below from our fun Robinhood account.

We closed out the month with 72% earnings winners!!! SIGN UP WITH US TODAY AND JOIN THE LIVE TRADING GROUP! (Prices are going up as the room is getting full)