• Kumar

How to Use SweepCast & What is Sentiment?

Check out our partners at www.sweepcast.com for unusual option activity alerts in real-time. This is vital for any options traders!

You may ask yourself the following questions when starting to use the platform... How can a CALL have bearish sentiment? How can a PUT have a bullish sentiment? Well, it depends on what price point the CALL/PUT was traded. Here are the scenarios that can take place below.

If a Sweep on a Call is BEARISH, this means the Call was traded at the BID, in turn, this means someone most likely wrote the Call or sold the Calls they were holding at the bid (getting rid of the options as fast as possible).

If a Sweep on a Call is BULLISH, this means the Call was traded at the ASK. The buyer was aggressive in getting filled and paid whatever price they could get filled at.

If the trade has Neutral Sentiment the trade was made at the mid (or middle of the bid and ask price)

I have personally experienced a lot of stocks following the SWEEPS alerts that are coming through because this is actual money pouring into a stock... it moves stocks...similar to how we saw the melt-up in tech stocks earlier this month because of $50B poured into calls.