• Kumar

How To Buy The Dip When Trading Stocks! (Example with BIDU)

Hello Folks! Happy Sunday, I wanted to cover $BIDU from March 19th 2021. The stock started to dip aggressively early in the morning going down around 4% from the open, in the video below you will see that I combined using SweepCast Unusual Activity with TradingView Charts. You can really use any charting program but what I use in here is "weekly" and "monthly" pivot points + FlowCast from SweepCast. I only found out about this trade because FlowCast stacks up the unusual activity flow in dollars of premium on the platform as its coming in, so this made BIDU's $10MM+ option orders look extremely unusual. When this caught my eye, I tend to go see the chart to see where the support will be, and I found that it was near $255 dollars, so with those two items I had confidence to buy the dip here on BIDU. The stock went from $255 to $264 with 2 hours! we cashed out on that pop and made some nice profits scalping this quick stock.