• Kumar

How I Earn 10% Interest On Savings Using BlockFi! 🎯🏧 My $15,000 Deposit Review!

This is how I earn 10% interest and compare BlockFi to FundRise. Using my referral link, folks can get up to $250 in extra bitcoin when they make their first deposit at BlockFi. Sign Up and get $250 Bonus 🥇

BlockFi is not a bank (technically, it’s a secured non-bank lender), but surely acts like one and is as legit. It’s able to offer 8.6% APY on stablecoin deposits (aka similar to US Dollars) and around 6% BTC/ETH/LTC.

I've put $15,000 dollars in here and earned around $5.65 in 2 days. Let's see how this goes! I will update everyone as time goes.

They are offering 10% APY for the summer. 🤑 🥇