• Kumar

$FUBO Stock is worth more than you think... Price Target $100

I am strong believer in this company. This has a heavy short interest for no obvious reason. The user growth story is amazing.. just go look at their previous earnings report. The user growth for FUBO is accelerating, not slowing down! With a heavy short interest this stock is ready to take off like a rocket 🚀. $DKNG DraftKings is in the same boat but I FUBO more at this point Because it combined best of sports TV and gambling together! I am looking to hold a small position in both for the long term. They have potential to be something big’! 💍💍✈️

Remember we recommended to buy $FUBO in our SwingAlerts at $28 dollars! 😬😬🤑 If you caught it then you would be sitting very pretty right now.

Time Frame: 6 months

Price Target: $100

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p.s. Do not take this as financial device

I’m not a registered advisor, make your own choice. I’m not responsible for you losing your entire account 😬, don’t be an idiot