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BlockFi! How Much Did I Earn After 1 Year? DID IT BEAT THE STOCK MARKET RETURNS?

In this video I'm covering BlockFi returns on my $70,000 account that I had started with last year currently looks like I've earned over $3,500 in interest from holding it into Gemini US dollars which is a stable coin. (GUSD)

The only bad news about BlockFi is that they no longer offer the interest account that I am referring to in here unless you've had an account already open and have assets in it.

Once again this is a great way to earn passive income if you don't wanna do any work and just put your money away.

🚨 If you want to still get a Get up to $250 💰 in Bitcoin when you buy crypto or fund your account with BlockFi. Use my link! 🚀💰

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