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AMD: Rise Again

Advanced Micro Devises (AMD)

Earnings will be announced on 01/28/20202

Consensus EPS Estimate is 0.31

Consensus Revenue Estimate 2.11B

EPS Up Revisions (last 90 days) 14

EPS Down Revisions (last 90 days) 13

Latest Quarter’s Earnings

Announce Date 10/29/2019

EPS Actual $0.18

EPS SurpriseBeat by missed by -$0.00

Revenue Actual $1.80B

Revenue Surprise Missed by -$8.04M


Q4 is looking up For AMD, The chipmaker just about hit $50 recently after being under $2 in early 2016. Investors are betting on a strong Q4, the average estimate for revenues in Q4 2019 is $2.134 billion. Recently, the Estimize average topped out at $2.16 billion, although I should add that the number's peak was in September 2019 at over $2.22 billion, before that weak Q4 guide in October. AMD contributors on Estimize have been overly optimistic recently, with the average on that site being a bit above what AMD has actually reported in each of the past five quarters. AMD have been struggling, with three revenue misses in the last five quarters when compared against wall street, which is even worse when you consider how much the stock has soared recently.


As of 1/19/20, AMD is expected to see an increase of $1.85 billion in revenues this year, which is a new high for the dollar amount increase that I've seen. The last two Q4 reports have been in the last couple days of January, we could see the 2020 revenue growth estimate figure in percentage terms get closer to 30%. As Q4 gets closer new expectations are being made, investors are going to start to expect more especially with shares getting to $50. Although this is good for the company they do have a lot on their plate and should be feeling the pressure in keeping these numbers high so their revenue in 2020 doesn't fall.


This stock has been skyrocketing ever since it bottomed out at the $3 dollar range and now after consolidating at key areas at the $12 dollar range, then once again in higher $20s and now in the higher $40s... this stock has been a goldmine. With such a strong reaction to Intel can $AMD follow along?

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