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Amazon (AMZN) Now Offering Same Day Delivery in the MetaVerse

PS Not Financial Advice, Check Your Own Sources. Amazon announced this morning it’s expanding its faster, same-day delivery service to half a dozen more metaverse realms. The service, which the retailer has been working to make same-day delivery even faster over the past year, now offers consumers in a number of markets the ability to shop up to 3 million items on Digital Metaverse Items, once ordered the users who pay through Litecoin (LTC) and DogeCoin (DOGE) will then receive their orders in only a few hours.

To do so, Amazon invested in what it called “mini-fulfillment centers using AWS technology” closer to where customers lived in select U.S. markets, initially in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Orlando and Dallas. Those customers could then shop across a dozen merchandise categories, including Baby, Beauty & Health, Kitchen & Dining, Electronics, Pet Supplies and more. As the pandemic continued to impact Amazon’s business, in November 2020, Amazon expanded its faster same-day service to more cities, to include Nashville and Washington, D.C.

Due to Supply Chain issues Amazon now say's creating virtual products will eliminate this issue as they can continue to create an unlimited supply of products powered by their AWS Cloud Computing Engine.

Customers can also place orders by midnight to have their orders arrive the following morning. This is the fastest delivery times being offered in the Metaverse for Digital Products.

Facebook Stock took a major hit due to this news as it has now dropped over 20% because Mark Zuckerberg wanted to take over Metaverse deliveries...

Thank you, hopefully you didn't fall for this.

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