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7% Yield Risk Free (YES! with MARGIN)

I’ve personally deposited money here. — TradeUp offers 1.99% margin, flat. Nothing on top. They are not increasing these rates either for a while. It’s sipc insured (see their disclosures). So money is safe. This is a HUGE glitch/opportunity since

  1. Buy $BIL ETF which is T-bill PAYS 4%+ yield with FULL MARGIN (Since they only charge 1.99%).

  2. You get cash paying return at 4% + net 2.01% on the margin'ed position.

You can margin 2x and hold for overnight, meaning your getting a 6-7% return depending on which ETF you choose (tax efficient or non). This would be completely RISK FREE return & liquid. (Unless US Gov’t collapses) + Sign up now to activate your amazing rewards: with TradeUP, you can receive up to 5 FREE stocks, each valued up to $1,800. Discover more at:

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