• Kumar

3 Stocks To Buy n Hold Today!

I am buying the dip in several names here, I believe long term 6-12 months these stocks will more than likely increase in a significant way.

I would consider the stocks as game changers and value plays at the same time.

Lets start!

First up is $FUBO (Fubo TV), who is spending a lot of time and effort getting agreements with casinos, and board casting rights with sports teams. They are doing all of the right things to grow their membership base and I believe they have an advantage in this space compared to anyone else. Combing live sports with gambling is going to be critical in the coming years.

- We bought more stock at $21.20

Second up is $FSR, who I believe is one of the only real EV plays that will come to fruition because of their partnership with FoxxCon to help manufacture their EV vehicles. There have been many animals that I have given this stock a reading almost double it’s current price.

- We bought more stock at $16.00

Third and final is $CCL - Caribbean Cruise Lines - I believe this is extremely undervalued knowing the fact that the younger population is dying to go on cruises and this will expand further and further in the coming years as their audience continues to adapt to partying on the seas. This was already a segment that was growing at a rapid pace you’re over a year but came to a halt due to Covid. I believe once the restrictions ease we will see a massive resurgence of cruise bookings that more than likely Will make it difficult for anyone to book a cruise for the next 24 months. The demand will be through the roof.

Another tip I’ve been using SweepCast to look for unusual activity early morning with the FlowCast. This is helped me scalp many trades over the past two weeks.

Disclaimer: these are my opinions and not financial advice from a professional.